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Bringing Yoga and Mindfulness into your Classroom to Increase Well-Being

Written by Jenna Bell, Continuing Education Director + Yoga in the Schools Instructor

"I see our teachers putting elements of yoga and mindfulness to practice for themselves and with our students every day. Students are using these skills to help self-regulate and to live happier lives. My staff has been able to change the culture (of the school) into a calmer environment more conducive to learning. This has shown up in multiple academic and behavioral data points which is so rewarding to see.” - Edward Glaser, Principal, Dubuque IA

As the Continuing Education Director and a Yoga in the Schools Instructor, I am often asked for ideas and resources for implementing yoga and mindfulness practices into a learning community.

I always direct them to one place - our online Yoga + Mindfulness Resource Center.

Being a former classroom teacher, I know that having a ‘go to’ source for resources was integral in creating engaging lessons for my students - and a huge time saver!

I knew I would be more successful implementing these practices knowing that I could hop on to a platform (like Teachers Pay Teachers) and find worksheets, games, and discussion ideas all in one place.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Amy Jenkins, brought up the idea of utilizing our extensive Yoga + Mindfulness Resource Center as the focus of an online, self-paced continuing education class.

I immediately jumped on board with the idea!

Elevate your Learning Community with Yoga and Mindfulness

Elevate Your Learning Community with Yoga + Mindfulness gives participants yoga and mindfulness resources to utilize in the classroom that will help improve student success WHILE taking the course.

Plus, we are happy to share this class is offered as a grad credit or for license renewal through Drake University.

We created this class with these goals in mind:

  • Create a hands-on experience for educators that encourage resilience, focus and teamwork

  • Provide quick and easy tools that can be immediately downloaded, printed and implemented - all in one place!

  • Give space for reflection and self-care - a necessary tool to help prevent burnout, overwhelm and exhaustion

  • Provide an opportunity for educators to learn evidence-based well-being tools and get ‘credit’ for implementing preventative wellness tools

To receive course credit, participants will be asked to log time spent exploring the Yoga + Mindfulness Resource Center online portal.

Class work and assignments will be submitted into Google Classroom for approval.

Access to the platform is $9.00 a month in addition to the $160.00 for graduate credit.

But if your school has Challenge to Change's Yoga in the Schools programming, you get the Yoga + Mindfulness Resource Center for FREE!.

Also know that you can receive monthly access to our resource center for $9 a month even if you don't want the course credit.

What You'll Learn

Participants will access our extensive online Yoga + Mindfulness Resource Center where they will find access to:

  • Breathing practices for calming, focus and energy

  • Movement videos and yoga sequences

  • Guided mindfulness audio tracks

  • Mindful games + social-emotional learning worksheets Printables

  • Teacher self-care practices and in-services

Here is just one example of a breathing practice featured in the Mindful Practices Module:

Throughout this course, participants will learn effective stress-reduction tools to reduce fatigue, overwhelm and burnout.

You will be asked to reflect and journal on how these tools impact your own well-being as you work through the course.

The best part? You get to pick and choose which parts to explore based on your students' needs!

Modules do not need to be completed in any order and you can move freely throughout the resource center to explore the content that you find most applicable to your learning community.

You will walk away feeling empowered to utilize these yoga and mindfulness techniques to regulate emotions, reduce conduct problems, and improve academic success into your classroom.

It's a win-win!

If you have questions regarding this course or any of our continuing education offerings, contact me at

If this or other grad and renewal credit courses interest you, here is a link to the other continuing education offerings we have at Challenge to Change.

We hope to see your name on our next attendance!


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