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Continuing Education Course: 

Developing a Relationship with Yourself:
A Personal Empowerment Journey

The Developing a Relationship with Yourself Challenge is back -
and it's new and improved!


⁠Envision the potential of your life once you master the art of comprehending who you are and your place in the world surrounding you...

⁠⁠Throughout this 3-month challenge, will connect to your own inner wisdom to navigate your life and the world around you in a more purposeful and meaningful way.

Through embarking on this empowering journey, you will develop whole new levels of wisdom, self-love and purpose as you authentically navigate your path 🤩⁠

Led by Challenge to Change founder and CEO, Molly Schreiber with concepts developed by 6 Seconds EQ Ambassador, Dr. Liza Johnson

What you’ll get in the Digital Bundle 2.0:

  • NEW videos from Molly for each day

  • EXCLUSIVE downloadable challenge journal

  • Digital Positive Affirmations card deck

  • Access to our private Facebook group to connect with Molly and other changemakers!

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If you are C2C Hub Member or you've already purchased the challenge, the updated version is FREE!

Unlock the immense power within you to shape your destiny and forge impactful connections with the world around you. 🌟

Each day, you will:


+ Read the day's theme in your journal

+ Draw a card from your Positive Affirmations deck*

+ Watch the day's video

+ Journal on the day's prompt and reflect on your affirmation card.

+ Complete the day's daily mindfulness activity.

+ Optional: Come share your journey on the private Facebook group.

As you navigate your unique path, experience a profound change in your overall wellness, the level of satisfaction in your life, and the connections you cultivate! 

Launches on January 8th.

  • Con Ed Course: Developing a Relationship

    Developing a Relationship with Yourself For Credit/License Renewal
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