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Image by Luma Pimentel

baby and me yoga

Baby and Me- Itsy Bitsy Spider

Baby and Me Yoga is a great way to work with your baby as their brain continues to develop. A few developmental activities that this video can help work with are developing baby's fine motor skills and crossing the midline for healthy brain development. 

Baby and Me- Anchor Breath

Anchor breathing is a great way to help you feel secure and grounded. This is a breathing technique that can be done while your baby is sleeping and you need to take just a few minutes of time for yourself. This can also be done with your baby sitting in your lap. 

Baby and Me- Row your Boat

Row your Boat is a yoga movement that will help with your babies developing vestibular system. Caregivers can use boat pose to engage and build muscle strength. 

Baby and Me- London Bridge is Falling Down 

This Baby and Me Yoga sequence will not only promote bonding between the child and caregiver but will also promote stretching of your upper and lower back. To help support your back you may want to use a yoga block or a rolled up towel or blanket. 

Baby and Me- I'm a Little Teapot

Using popular nursery rhythms or poems are a great way to incorporate yoga into your daily schedule. Having repetition with the song or poem you choose and using the same body movements will help your baby to memorize the movements and develops predictability. 

Baby and Me- Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary Had a Little Lamb is a movement you can practice while sitting in butterfly pose. The sound from this song can have a soothing effect for your baby. 

Educational Toys

We will focus on connecting to our...


...babies through familiar and new songs, rhymes, and bounces. Plus our babies will get a taste of yoga that can calm, help with development, and even assist in digestion.


...bodies through gentle movement targeting areas that might be recovering from birth, and countering all the contortions we put ourselves into to keep our babies happy.


...selves through assessing and expressing how we've been feeling, taking moments to breathe and just be.


...sense of community through a relaxed time before and after to share, chat, and watch our babies play.

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