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Continuing Education with C2C: Learning to Grow and Growing to Learn

Written by Kristen Mimlitz, Continuing Education Instructor + Elementary Teacher + Yoga Teacher

"At Challenge to Change, there is something for everybody. Part of our mission is to support people in what they want to do and something that would make their lives better. Whether you are in the medical field, education, a social worker, psychologist, or a parent, we are here to support you as you dive deeper into your Social Emotional learning journey.” - Jenna Bell, Continuing Education Director

At Challenge to Change, we are committed to empowering learners to utilize mindful resources to navigate the world around them. We offer a myriad of learning opportunities for all to grow, elevate, and inspire others.

The following are some questions you may have along with our answers:

+ What are some of your offerings?

  • We invite you to explore our opportunities on our site as they are continuously being updated to reflect current offerings.

+ What are the benefits to parents?

  • As a parent, you will learn ways to meet your child where they are and support them in their growth and development. You will gain access to a plethora of tools and resources to help you navigate this ever changing world we live in.

+ What are the benefits to teachers?

  • Our classes help educators work toward their license renewal or obtain graduate credit. It’s a wonderful way to learn and advance your knowledge with people across the state without completing an entire degree program. These experiences and programs aren’t often brought into the classroom and many educators love the tools they learn to further support their students.

+ How many credits do you offer?

  • We offer educational opportunities for 1,2, and 3 credits.

+ Is there out of class work? How much?

  • Yes, there is out of class work. It depends on the course that you take. Most courses have additional practice and journaling. If you are taking a course for graduate credit the course work is 30+ hours for each credit.

+ Are there differences for credits across states?

  • Yes. All of the state licensing requirements are different. It depends on the state in which you reside. It’s best to check with your State Board of Education.

+ Are courses offered live or online? And if online, will recordings be available?

  • This is course dependent. We have both options as well as hybrid options. Some of our courses include sharing of personal experiences in which we would refrain from recording in an effort to hold a safe space for participants. Please reach out to your instructor directly if you need a recording and that can be discussed.

+ I don't have experience teaching yoga. Is this class a good option for me?

  • That’s okay! Our offerings are for everybody! Our instructors are very versatile and knowledgeable about the content. Our goal is to support you and set you up for a successful learning experience.

+ How do I decide which course is the best option for me?

  • Go with your heart and find something that interests you. If you have specific questions about classes, please reach out and we would be happy to assist you!

+ Do you offer Continuing Education for other professions?

  • Yes, please see our link for information about other professions and their governing body requirements.

Please share!

We would love to hear how you will take advantage of these courses, what your favorite classes were or if you have any memories to share from past courses you participated in.

Email those to our Continuing Education Director, Jenna Bell, at

We love hearing from our community!

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