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A Safe Space for Everyone

Co-Authored by: Liz Jendra and Paige Griffith

For those of you that have followed us thus far, you know that our intention of this project was to hear about what yoga meant to different people in our community. It might be important to mention here that the participants were completely unaware of what specific questions were going to be asked. They knew to an extent they’d be talking about their practice of yoga, but by allowing them to answer off the cuff, not only were we able to learn about people’s journey to and through yoga, but we also had the privilege to hear about how many use it for their mental well-being. In addition, we were able to watch this united front unfold, as we asked the final question “What would you say to someone who says that they can’t do yoga?”.

As yogis ourselves, it was extremely heartwarming to hear that each person feels the same way we do. No matter their age, gender, race, or what type of yoga they practice, across the board they shared the commonality that yoga can truly provide a safe space for everyone.

We’ve reiterated throughout our past two blogs and videos that yoga is so much more than just physical practice. Yoga means “to yolk”, or unite. To unite mind, body, and spirit in a practice. It does not have to just be practiced through movement and poses on your mat. It can be done off of your mat in meditation or breathwork. It can be seen in your community in the way that you treat others. It can quite literally just be in the way that you treat yourself. And it can be finding moments to just bask in the present, being curious about ourselves and our environment.

Our CEO, Molly Schreiber, has always said, “Yogis leave the world better than they found it”. Through these blogs and videos, we are trying to do just that. By spreading the understanding that yoga can benefit you in so many ways, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and that quite simply put, ANYONE can do it. At Challenge to Change, we don’t like to “should on” people, or in other words, tell you that you “should” do something. BUT, we think this may be an exception to the rule. If you have never tried yoga, you should. If you have tried yoga, and you didn’t like it, remember that doesn’t mean yoga isn’t for you. It may just mean that specific practice, teacher, or environment wasn’t for you. As you’ll watch in the video below, you’ll hear the message time and time again, that yoga is for every body and everybody. Whether that is on or off your mat, we encourage you to find your version of unifying your mind, body, and spirit.

Special thanks to videographer and editor, Trent Hanselmann.

Huge gratitude to all participants:

Amy Jenkins, Anne Funke, Bobbi Kelley, Brennan Kreimeyer, Chase Kreimeyer, Chris Nugent, Hanna Reese, Jeff Wright, Jordan Turner, Jose Reinoso, Kevin Turner, Krissy Mueller, Mae Hingtgen, Maggie Schreiber, Maria Schreiber, Megan Gloss, Megan Kuennen, Molly Schreiber, Paula Purcell and Rachel Harwood.


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