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What is Yoga to You?

Co-Authored by: Liz Jendra & Paige Griffith

For many, there is a common misconception that yoga is just a physical workout, moving through a sequence of poses on your mat. Usually, during a one-hour class, students move through a series of Downward Facing Dogs, Warrior Poses, and so much more. These sequences of poses usually build heat, work up a sweat, and build strength and flexibility throughout the body. So many yogis have reaped the benefits of the way that the physical practice of yoga has changed their bodies. Because of this, one may be intrigued to try yoga for the first time to bask in those benefits. But what these new yogis will soon find out is that yoga is so much more than physical practice.

Yoga can be finding stillness.

Yoga can be connecting to your breath.

Yoga can create space in your mind and body.

Yoga can be self-care.

Yoga can be healing.

Yoga can be lessons learned on and off your mat.

Yoga is a connection to self and others.

Yoga is not just what you do on your mat, it becomes who you are.

Yoga creates oneness.

Yoga is unity.

Everyone experiences yoga differently. We took the time to listen to people across all unique walks of life and asked them what yoga means to them. These are their stories. Click below to watch.

Special thanks to videographer and editor, Trent Hanselmann.

Huge gratitude to all participants:

Amy Jenkins, Anne Funke, Bobbi Kelley, Brennan Kreimeyer, Chase Kreimeyer, Chris Nugent, Hanna Reese, Jeff Wright, Jordan Turner, Jose Reinoso, Kevin Turner, Krissy Mueller, Mae Hingtgen, Maggie Schreiber, Maria Schreiber, Megan Gloss, Megan Kuennen, Molly Schreiber, Paula Purcell and Rachel Harwood.


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