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Find Your Why With The Challenge to Change Hub

By Megan Kuennan

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, several Change Makers at Challenge to Change paused to put their heads together. They realized the world had changed in many ways, and one of the resulting needs was an an increased need for flexibility in how one can exercise. Not only this, but the world post-Covid needed nurturing more than ever. We realized we needed to provide our staff, educators, and families with more self-care opportunities to connect their mind, body, and breath.

At Challenge to Change, one of our main concerns is to meet individuals where they are at physically, spiritually, and emotionally; all while providing a flexible and safe environment to move. From this vision we created the C2C Hub: an online yoga and fitness platform designed for anyone and everyone. The C2C Hub offers a variety of physical and mindfulness options; from cardio and strengthening training to yoga and meditation. In addition, each type of activity has a wide selection of styles, durations, intensity levels, and instructors to choose from to support any yogi or fitness advocate.

To ensure you LOVE the Hub, we provide every first-timer the opportunity to try it out for a FREE 2-week trial. From there, we offer a variety of pricing packages from monthly to annual rates. We will continue to create and share new offerings on a weekly basis to ensure you always have fresh content to choose from.

Discover your why and start today!

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