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A Few of Our Favorite Things…

The much talked about Amazon Prime Day (which is actually two days!) is here! Usually, the giant online retailer does its deep discount day in July, but as everything else this year, they pushed back their big day to Tuesday October 13th and Wednesday October 14th.

We wanted to help you with your shopping list and give you some ideas to take advantage of these discounts. We also wanted to remind you to link your account to an Amazon Smile to support your favorite non-profit. If you are looking to support a non-profit, we would be honored to have your support for Mindful Minutes for Schools. Mindful Minutes for Schools is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that funds educational opportunities for children and their educators in the greater Dubuque area to build skills with a unique curriculum that guides young minds and bodies into practices of mindfulness, reflection and emotional health through the practices of yoga.

We will be shopping on Prime Day(s) to build up our mindful toolkits, favorite things at home, in the studio and to take into schools where we teach.

Here are some of our favorite things on our shopping list!

Pair this project with one of our favorite children's books, Moody Cow Meditates!

Buddha Boards – we love using these as a calming and meditation tool.

Hoberman Sphere – a breath work tool, inhale as you expand the sphere and exhale and you collapse the sphere. Great visual!

Liquid Timer for mindfulness

Singing Bowl – one of our favorite ways to end a “yoga nap”.

Kid’s Yoga Mats – one of our favorite ways to signal the end of a “yoga nap”.

Yoga Dice – a fun way to get a yoga practice in with the family!

Scratch Cards – for scratching a mantra, drawing and more.

Here is a short list of some of our favorite children's mindfulness books:

Happy Shopping!

Please note that if you do purchase from these links, we will receive compensation for qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate.

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