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Online Continuing Ed Course: Developing a Relationship with Yourself

Your Online Continuing Ed Course: Developing a Relationship with Yourself is all set to inspire students. Students will gain invaluable insights while earning credit hours or licensed credit. Upon enrolling, students will be greeted with a detailed welcome email guiding them through their journey of self-improvement and discovery all the way to completion and earned credits. **During the next 60 days, you will come to truly know yourself, how to choose yourself, and then give of yourself in a healthy and loving way. You will create a healthy relationship with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. For the first 20 days, we will work on getting to know ourselves in a deeper, more intimate way and will follow suit for choosing ourselves and giving of ourselves in the next 40 days.** **You will develop a routine of journaling. Each day, you will draw a card from the affirmation deck and apply it to your daily life. Our goal for you, at the end of the sixty days, is for you to better understand yourself and your emotions.** **Set 20 minutes a day to work on yourself. This time can be longer if you pair it with a meditation practice or physical movement. This is the next step to becoming a more emotionally intelligent individual. Exciting Opportunity: Get Credit for Participating in the Challenge!
 Did you know that you can receive education grad credit or continuing education credit by joining this challenge? It's easy – just follow the link below to purchase either Continuing Education Credit or Graduate Credit. For more information on these credit options or other continuing education or graduate credit courses, please contact our Continuing Education, Jenna Bell, at

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


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Con Ed Course: Developing a Relationship
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