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24 mindful presents


the gift of being present this holiday season

During the holiday season, getting tossed into the hustle and bustle of activities is easy. It's important to remember to be intentional and be present with those you love. 

Some people can experience depression during this time. Others may have lost loved ones and feel isolated that they can no longer spend this particular season with them. Some individuals may experience burnout because of holding too high of expectations for themselves. Left behind feeling unaccomplished and defeated. 

Being present and grateful for the things we have now is a true gift. Being present, however, isn't always easy. This requires being intentional and checking in with our thoughts and feelings.  One way of checking in with your thoughts and feelings is by taking a few minutes to identify what you are feeling and putting a name to that emotion. This helps build our emotional intelligence, which also brings awareness to the present moment. 

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Journal: 24 mindfulness presents

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