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Baby Toes

Welcome and congratulations
on your new addition! 

Baby + Me Yoga

Dear New Caregiver,

We are so glad you took the time to visit our site and take advantage of the free resources we have available.  Each video is based on our in-studio Baby and Me classes.  You will find videos on accessible movement you can try today as well as some things we hope you take with you. 


As always, be gentle with your body as it has experienced a journey of change in a short time and may need some loving kindness in return.  Please know you can alter and adjust anything you see to best fit the needs of your body.  These videos are geared toward your health and the bond you will make with your baby, so take time for you as well as time with baby.


We would love for you and your baby to be a part of the Challenge to Change family by joining us for a class!  Follow the link to find out more about our in studio offerings including Baby and Me classes.


We hope to see you there! 

 "Baby blues" vs Postpartum Depression

“Baby blues”, feeling down after having a baby may include bouts of unexplainable crying and mood swings, and it is a normal occurrence.  It varies in both degree and length.  Sometime lasting several weeks. 

If these symptoms intensify or last for a long period of time, this may be postpartum depression.  The difference between "baby blues" and postpartum depression is unlike "baby blues," one's emotions and thoughts are intensified.  Symptoms may include over-analyzing or the opposite, not having the desire to take part in daily routines. 

If you or your loved one exhibit these symptoms or other concerning symptoms for an extended period or you have any questions, contact your health care provider. 

Make sure you make time to take care of yourself. 

Quick and effective practices

Mantra Breathing FRONT.png
Mantra Meditation

Gentle Movement for You
Neck Stretch 

Gentle Movement for You & Baby
Mini Movement (This is Big)

Cat Cow Sequencing

Sea Turtles

Cuddle Time
Getting to Know You Meditation
This Little Light of Mine + Namaste


Connect Body + Breath + Self 

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