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Power in the 'Yoga Nap'

We get asked in almost every yoga class whether it is in the studio or in the classrooms if there will be a ‘Yoga Nap.’ Our answer is always yes! Even if our time is running short, we will make sure to fit a ‘Yoga Nap’ in. We believe, strongly, that this is the most important part of the practice for kids (adults too, of course).

You may refer to a ‘Yoga Nap’ as savasana or final relaxation. In whichever way you refer to it in your practice, it is the portion of the class where you will find yourself laying in a comfortable position (usually corpse pose) with your eyes closed or maybe using a soft gaze. You may find yourself covering your eyes with a small towel or eye pillow as well.

Our kids are busy, yes, even in COVID times, they are busy. They have spent their days relearning how to interact with other kids with face masks on or learning virtually or both. They have had to adjust their ‘normal’ too. Unfortunately, as much as we want to hide it, they have felt our stress over the last year as well.

The power in the ‘Yoga Nap’ is to offer the invitation to slow down, to breathe, and to relax. In our classes, we offer Guided Meditations during this time.

Guided meditation allows the child’s brain to become actively involved versus passively when they may be listening to a story. This gives the child's mind the opportunity to explore.

According to Deepak Chopra, MD, the benefits of meditation are expansive and include:

  • Enhances concentration, memory, and ability to learn

  • Helps create more harmonious, loving relationships

  • Improves your creativity and problem-solving skills

  • Decreases depression, anxiety, and insomnia

  • Sense of calm and inner peace in daily life

Guided Meditations can be practiced anywhere and at any time, they do not have to be completed at the end of a yoga practice or only before bed (although, super beneficial!). Just make sure you are in a safe and comfortable space so that you can let your mind and body fully relax. You do not even have to lay down! Then, pick a meditation that suits you on that day. There are several resources for meditations and we have some of our favorites listed below:

What is your favorite Guided Meditation? Where do you like to take your ‘Yoga Naps’? Please share with us in the comments below!


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