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How I Got Through My Cancer Scare: Meditation with Meaning Challenge

Written by Molly Schreiber, Founder and CEO of Challenge to Change

At a conference in San Antonio with Jordan Turner on the day of my diagnosis

“I’m sorry, I know this is not the news you want to hear. It is cancer. I am so sorry. Here is what I suggest you do….”

These were the words spoken to me on October 27, 2022.

I was in San Antonio, Texas at a conference.

Away from my family. Disconnected from all of my comforts of home and life lines of support.

Was I scared? Yes.

Did I cry? Yes.

Did I pull the covers over my head? No.

I sat with myself, and began to form a plan. A plan to ground me in peace for the unknown road ahead.

My husband, who is a medical doctor, always gives his patients the book Radical Remission

when they receive a cancer diagnosis.

I knew enough to pick up the book and absorb the words into every pore of my body.

This amazing read empowered me to form a positive mindset involving NO FEAR and take ownership of my cancer journey.

I called upon my resources near and far.

I called friends and family to share the news and begin receiving the greatest resource: LOVE. Love in the form of words, quotes and actions.

This feeling of love and support helped me to form a plan for these uncharted territories.

I knew I needed to create a vessel of peace and calm.

I knew cancer had chosen my body as a home and the last thing I wanted was for the home to be one it could grow in.

While filling my mind with positive words from “Radical Remission," and filling my heart with LOVE from my community, I knew the most important practice was how I was going to fill MY soul.

How was I going to stay steady deep in the core of my being?

I knew the answer. It was so simple.


Sitting in stillness.

One of the most simple, but hardest practices.

All the beauty and grace I have created in my life has been because of my practice of stillness.

A practice that had faded with time.

You see, as my business grew, my practice became sparse.

As my calendar filled, my practice lost its time slot.

I knew with this news, I needed to go back to the tool that always catapulted me forward.

A practice that helped me TRULY turn inward and access what is going on at the TRUE CORE OF MY BEING.

Meditation. So I began.

Day one was October 28, 2022. I sat in stillness. Was it hard? Of course! Did my mind wander? Absolutely! Did I give up?

Heck no!

I came back the next day, and the next because meditation is a practice, not perfection.

We will become really good at it eventually, but never perfect.

I decided to name this practice, “Meditation With Meaning.”

This important tool of sitting upright in stillness had a whole new meaning for me: to keep my mind, heart and soul steady and connected as I navigated my cancer journey.

I also began an Instagram story solely dedicated to the practice.

Everyday I would sit and document something that came up for me in the practice for my own accountability.

If I was going to put myself out there for the entire world to see, I knew I had to follow through everyday.

What I found from this discipline was astounding.

People began to reach out- to comment on how posts resonated with them.

I began to receive gifts and tools to aid in my mediation practice.

Others would ask: “How do you do it?”

Once again, I sat with myself in stillness and it came to me: begin a meditation with meaning practice to share with others.

And so it began…

I would like to personally invite everyone to participate in this journey.

It consists of a daily video/meditation practice with me, a digital journal and a private Facebook group - PLUS an immense amount of gained peace :)

It begins April 1st!

I am excited to help many people come to a sense of peace.

The reason for wanting peace can be simple and add to your already thriving life- it does not need to be as big as a cancer diagnosis.

Having a solid meditation practice will only prepare us for what is to come in the beautiful journey we call life.

Thank you and Happy Meditating :)

- Molly


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