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How To Have a Growth Mindset: Developing a Can Do Attitude

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Written by Brooke Hillebrand, Yoga in the Schools Instructor

"If we embrace challenges, we become curious, we grow and we learn as opposed to staying in a fixed mindset where we tell ourselves we simply just can't."

I used to love the first snow...

I saw it as a blanket of white that encouraged us to go slow, canceled evening plans and made for a great excuse to eat bread and soup everyday!

However, now that I'm a mom, I’m not so sure how much I love the snow anymore.

Now when the snow falls, I immediately think about wet boots, wet snow pants, lost gloves etc.

Not to mention - my right sliding door on my van LOVES to freeze when the temperatures drop below 32 degrees wreaking havoc in the drop off lane at school.

WINTER, how dare you!

What is a Growth Mindset?

YET, here we are and it just so happens to be the month we talk about the importance of a Growth Mindset with our oldest students, the ever cool and moody 6th graders! (They happen to be my FAVORITE.)

A growth mindset says that with persistence, you can get better at things that challenge you. In the face of any obstacle, a growth mindset empowers us to believe in the power of YET which helps us remember to embrace challenges.

If we embrace challenges, we become curious, we grow and we learn as opposed to staying in a fixed mindset where we tell ourselves we simply just can't.

Yesterday, I asked my 6th graders, “Who can tell me what a Growth Mindset is?”.

After a few eye rolls, and a long pause a student raises his hand.

I was NOT PREPARED for his answer. He says, “A growth mindset is pretty much lying to yourself. Tell yourself you’re good at it but really you aren’t.”

I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. His teacher did not! ;)

While there certainly are more positive ways of explaining a growth mindset, is there a more honest answer that’s also accurate? HA.

Jokes aside, a growth mindset is how I plan to face the challenges that come with winter.

How can I see winter as an opportunity to learn, and grow? How can I embrace winter, and learn to love the blanket of white snow again?

Here are a few mindful winter activities to help you EMBRACE winter:

Practice your Growth Mindset

Start the new year with a growth mindset! Explore what gets in the way of a growth mindset and commit to achieving something new. We have two FREE Growth Mindset activities that will increase your belief in yourself and help encourage you throughout the year.

Go outside

There is something magical about the stillness of winter - so go experience it! Google your local state parks. Many of them have great ideas of how to experience winter. From snow shoeing to cross country skiing or even simply lacing up with a hot chocolate and walking the open trails!

Create a playlist

Music has a profound impact on our mood. Choose uplifting songs and lyrics that make you smile and rhythms that inspire you to move! You can even call the playlist, Beat the Blues! Hit play anytime you are feeling stuck and uninspired.

Shed some layers

Winter tends to be a time we stock up on things! We don’t want the kids to be bored and so our homes get cluttered with stuff! However, simple and clear minds breed creativity. Shed the layers at home to simplify your space and your routines!

Learn something new

Just don't want to deal with the cold? Then embrace being indoors! Let curiosity be your guide...What questions do you have now? Connect to stillness with this Growth Mindset meditation. Or, grab a book on a topic you know nothing about, watch a documentary on a topic you're curious about or try a new recipe.

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