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Celebrate our CEO, Molly Schreiber

At our last staff meeting, we were able to come together to celebrate our CEO, Molly Schreiber, and Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 at 5:30 PM CST is the official unveiling of this award.

We would love for you to share in the joy of this unveiling by attending virtually through Facebook - linked here.

When presented the award, these are the heartfelt words that were read:

Molly, your team of changemakers, your friends, and family have come together to celebrate you and the work you are doing by creating a tribute for you in the Iowa Women's Foundation annual publication called Ovation: A Tribue to Women and Girls. You've built something incredible in such a short period of time. You are living your truth and changing the lives of kids (and educators) all across Iowa and beyond. Congratulations! Presented to you with our love and respect!

The full excerpt from the Ovation publication:

Molly is pure light. She has a unique ability to see the talents, gifts, and highest potential in others.

As CEO of Challenge to Change, Inc., Molly has created a culture where dreams become reality. Her leadership encourages others to step beyond their comfort zones to create positive change, both personally and professionally. Her vision to support people of all ages with lifelong wellness skills is far-reaching. As Founder of Mindful Minutes for Schools, a non-profit, Molly further expands unique educational opportunities for students and educators through the modalities of yoga and mindfulness in her community and beyond. There seems to be no limit to her growth as a leader, wife, mother, friend.

Your family, friends, and team members see and honor you, Molly!

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